Sunday, June 7, 2009

Initial thoughts from Kenya

A full week has passed since we arrived in Kenya. The beauty of this place is as I remember...sweeping plains, distant mountains, dusty-pitted roads all dotted with exotic wildlife. I've been staying in a wooden shack with a concrete floor...simple for sure, but the view is breathtaking. A green plain slowly descends for several kilometers until it turns into a small valley, where it then gently ascends to the feet of sloping mountains. Along the way, shrubs, trees, and the occasional herd of cattle join the landscape.

We're in the village of Morloo, and the people here have been amazingly hospitable- offering their chai and their thanks at every opportunity...we're so blessed to be here.

Even so, much of the magic of the place has departed for me. Before, on my first visit, all these things were mysterious and romantic. Now, I'm Over the past three years it seems that Kenya, at least this part of it, has not really changed...I sure have.

And it's all ok...I'm happy to be here...and thankful to know that I was supposed to go here three years go, and that I'm supposed to be here now...but wasn't supposed to move here. Confirmation is freedom from wondering "what if?"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

From a Kenyan Internet Cafe

Hey everyone!

We made it safely to Kenya last Friday night... had no difficulty with flights, grumpiness, or anything else!

Later today we head off to the bush to the town of Morloo. (pronounced mor-low) We'll spend 3 weeks there teaching, preaching, building relationships, and helping out however we can. Please pray that our presence is a blessing to the Masai people and that God uses us for his purpose.

In addition to this Kenya team, we sent out teams to 5 other locations around the world. Please join with us in prayer for them.

To see a more detailed update from team Kenya and to see updates for all NMSI intern teams, visit:

Thanks so much for your love and next update won't be until we return from the bush at the end of the month...until then...